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Marketing for Senior Living Communities

Our SEO-based growth process involves three (3) key components that will further develop your senior living community's marketing effectiveness:


On-Page SEO

This is the first step of the process. We will take your community's website as-is and run an exhaustive audit to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Once we’ve reviewed these factors with your team, we will then begin researching keywords and phrases based on the suggestions you provide to us. If your community does not have a Google account, we will help you set it up as we use Google Analytics to track website traffic, conversions, and other KPI’s.

During this research we will vet out any keywords that are either highly competitive or have no traffic. Upon completion of our research, we will meet with you to review the results and adjust as needed. With the keywords and phrases finalized, we can then map out the keywords to specific pages on your website. This is your community’s sitemap, and it will be the basis for all on-page SEO moving forward.

We are constantly monitoring the success of keywords and are always looking to add in valuable ones and remove underperforming ones. As these keywords are added or removed, the subsequent website content will also need to be updated. This way, we ensure your website will always be performing well irrespective of these changes in search query words and phrases.


Content Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes senior living communities make is they don’t demonstrate the great work they’re performing. Or, alternatively, they post about this great work only on holidays or when they have a special event. This lack of consistency and presence will resonate with both the search engine crawling algorithms and potential residents.

Lionstone is unique in that we believe your community shouldn’t relinquish control of its content in the pursuit of SEO performance. Outsourcing copywriting efforts have mixed success. Furthermore, as prompt-based AI content generating tools become increasingly popular, search engines are adjusting their crawling algorithms to place higher value on human-generated content.

Content strategy is about knowing the mechanisms by which these crawling algorithms work, then coupling it with the unique style of the those producing it. We are experts when it comes to the algorithm’s mechanisms, but you are the expert when it comes to what makes your community unique, and we will ensure the essence of your content is not lost in the optimization process by giving you final sign-off on all content before it is published.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the final component in our growth process. With a solid foundation built – a website that is well organized, full of relevant and optimally-structured content, and linked to credible off-site sources – we can then begin to further boost your presence with paid advertising.

The amount of advertising spend will ultimately be based on the competitiveness of the keywords and the medium through which the ads are being run. Since our overall strategy is rooted in SEO, we will typically begin with search engine ad campaigns on Google and Bing. However, we also have the capability to manage social media ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The mechanisms of search engines and social media advertising are different. Search engine advertising is based on keywords, with the most relevant KPI being CPC, or Cost Per Click. Social media advertising is based on demographics – meaning, the amount spent on advertising is determined by the behavior and size of the targeted audience. We will work with you to determine the optimal mix of both these mediums.

The Lionstone Agency

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