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What the Stone Lion Saw

Allow our blog, What the Stone Lion Saw, to provide you additional content related to all things related to our agency, search engine optimization, and the occasional history lesson. We will be posting fresh content on this page weekly so be sure to check back often. Whether it's our original "History of Search Engines" blog series, tips and trick for leveraging digital productivity tools, or insights into demographic trends affecting senior living housing, we intend to prove to you we are more than just another digital marketing agency. We are partners in your sustained, long-term growth.

The content you see on this page is completely original. While we understand the efficiencies gained by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to produce written content, we strongly believe the end product is not as high quality as that which is generated by an experienced, educated, and genuine human. As a result, the frequency of posting will likely be less than our competitors. But we don't care. As you'll find when we begin to work with our agency, we value consistency and quality over frequency and speed. The former combination is the key to long-term success which will not just produce results over the next few years, but over the next few generations


The Lionstone Agency

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