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About our Agency

Before hiring a marketing agency, especially one specializing in a highly meaningful industry such as senior living, it is paramount one understands its "why". We take great pride in our agency's history, and strongly believe our story alone sets us apart from all other marketing agencies in this niche. 


Our name comes from the statues of stone lions outside my grandmother’s home. She had a tremendous impact on my life, providing me the best example of grace, poise, and professionalism a human can ask for. I had many fond memories of that home, which is what made her transition out of it and into a smaller home, and eventually from that smaller home into an out-of-state assisted living facility, extremely challenging.

It was this experience of moving homes, downsizing, finding the right caregiver, and finally the right assisted living facility which planted the seed for Lionstone in my mind. My prior career in healthcare construction did provide me the opportunity to consult with senior care facilities, but it wasn’t providing me the fulfillment I desired. I wanted to bring these first-class facilities to the forefront and change the lives of the people who operate them, and the primary mechanism I use to achieve that intent is SEO.

SEO is the keystone of a senior living facility’s subconscious presence. The internet has become the first step for almost all queries, and therefore the search engine has become a vital tool for businesses to leverage growth. An updated website and social media account will not grow your business if it is not seen by potential residents searching the internet for a senior living facility. We use a vast array of strategies and tool to ensure your facility is being seen by all.

We are eager to partner with your community. Contact us today at to learn more about how our strategic senior living SEO services can add value to your community.

The Lionstone Agency

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